How did we take America in 1776?    Did we go toe to toe with the greatest army in the world using their ground and tier tactics.  No We tried that and got beaten time and again.   The art of war states that you know your enemy and know yourself.  Then we knew the enemy was large but cumbersome, unable to fight any way but in large groups in the open.  We had a small fighting force and woodsmen, not trained solders.   So, the tactic that worked was to get the enemy in the woods and use gorilla warfare to whittle him down, confuse him, and out last him until he could no longer sustain a fight and had to surrender.   We picked them off, a few at a time using small groups of hidden fighters who would hit and run, hit and run. We took out the leadership so the British troops  would not know what to do.

Well, it will take the same thing here as we are confronted with a large but unwieldy beauracracy that we can pick off, a few at a time. With the authority given we the PEOPLE in the Declaration of Independence  we can remove officials from office LEGALLY!  This will sew fear and confusion as subversive government officials realize that the many small groups coming against them with foundational authority tactics cannot be stopped.  There will be no "leader" on our side to go after, just  many small groups of the PEOPLE exercising their God and government  given rights.   The question is, how do we do that? The Declaration specifically states "...right of the PEOPLE TO ALTER OR ABOLISH..." It does not define those ways but leaves them up to the PEOPLE to decide the tactics to accomplish the task. Contrary to the Constitution which limits the government in specifics.  Our Founders trusted YOU WITH THE MEANING OF ALTER OR ABOLISH, NOT THE GOVERNM,ENT OR THIER LAWYERS!!!

Then let us discuss a couple of examples that have been  successfully used and written about in major online papers.

 See the article on the 2 veterans (that fact is not relevant) in Illinois.  They decided that citizens arrests would work.  They also decided that the law stated a variety of actions government functionaries and officials had to perform as they did their work that they were not doing.  That meant the officials were violating the law in the performance of their duties.  This also meant the functionaries were subject to arrest for those violations.  The two (remember, 1 is a person, 2 is a people and it is the people who's authority we are exercising) veterans researched the operational law of the individuals and groups they were going after, and , when those violated the law, they did a citizens arrest.  The Sherriff backed them up, and the officials were jailed.  Perfectly legal and within the authority of we THE PEOPLE.  This tactic, carried out on a large scale by a few against officials over and over again should be very effective.

See the article by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch "making the elites accountable" (Time to indict the political class -  Larry postulates that the forming of Citizens Grand Juries to adjudicate government officials is right and legal and that SCOTUS has affirmed multiple times (the latest in 1991 and 2013) that a grand jury is a right of citizens and that it is an entity unto itself that none of the branches of government can interfere with. in any way.  That means no government official can tell a citizens grand jury how to act, what rules it must follow, and how it adjudicates.  Complete freedom to act.  Extending this fact, the jury could, it is said, adjudicate, sentence, and call for or carry out that sentence, whatever it might be.  It has been suggested that sentences for Sedition, Subversion and Treason would be appropriate in many cases. In addition, it has been suggested that, multiple Citizens Grand Juries could adjudicate the same individuals thus making it impossible for those in government trying illegally to protect themselves or their masters to focus on any one. Also, it has been said, for additional protection,  if a Grand Jury did not wish to carry out sentence itself, it could rule the individuals legally adjudicated as domestic enemies of the Constitution and make broad notification of this fact to those who took an oath "to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC" to fulfill their oath.  In this way the sentence would be carried out by unknown persons with the full authority of the Grand Jury without any prosecutable action against that Grand Jury.  It is simply free speech in the function of foundationally recognized legal action.  Also the government functionary in question would not know from whom or where or how he would be made accountable. This would be impossible to defend against.  Their only option would then realistically be to submit to the Grand Jury determinations, i.e.  surrender !  The Grand Jury would have complete authority to decide what those determinations would be, as an example:  Leave office, forfeit all pay, retirement,  savings, etc., never ever get involved here etc. again, and leave the county for an extended period, as in the rest of their lives.  We could possibly live with that, and let them. NON JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT OR THE THREAT OF IT IS THE ONLY AVENUE THAT WILL WORK TODAY!  GO HERE TO SEE WHY:

These processes as examples have all of the criteria for success.

       1.  They had absolute authority backing them.  It is not only within the law, IT IS THE LAW.* 

       2.  Those who would negate the people's authority here have nothing to base that position on.  This law has been canonized for

                   all of our history by all of our leaders and Founders. 

       3.  It can be accomplished by a small group of citizens, as few as 2, as demonstrated in Illinois and others examples

       4.  Government has backed these tactics many times, making any objection in these cases obviously self serving and void.

       5.  These actions are completely independent of Government, start to finish, thus eliminating government nullification

               techniques.  No Attorney General, no judge, no court has authority over these actions, They can try but will not succeed.

        6.  Individual accountability of government officials is unstoppable and they will know they can be made accountable. With

               a few adjudications by THE PEOPLE, many in Government will become honest out of self preservation if nothing else.

        7.  Citizens who participate in making officials accountable have multiple layers of protection fromretaliation by government..

                  The adjudication is obviously legal, the execution of sentence can be done legally and with no fingerprints

These are examples of tactics that have already been discussed and used by various entities in our recent and not so recent past.  they are not new and definitely not those of this website.  They are proven and legal means by the government's own admission with government approval and in many cases, assistance and participation.  This is just examples that follow the letter of the law and the rights of the PEOPLE as defined specifically in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and various supporting legislation and laws which have been honored by the United States government and it's functionaries, beaurocrats and elected officials throughout our history to this day..  This is not to say that corrupt officials will not try to interfere with this process anyway.  It will just make it extremely difficult for them to justify and combat, in some cases impossible.   Just like successful gorilla warfare we THE PEOPLE employed in 1776 against the tyranny of an oppressive government at that time.  Now, as then, we have options if we are willing to identify them and IF WE ARE WILLING TO USE THEM !!



“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure-  RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY IS OBEDIANCE TO GOD"       THOMAS JEFFERSON -


"Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

PATRICK HENRY - firebrand speaker of the American Revolution - March 23, 1775

  *  Is the United States Declaration of Independence, the LAW of the United States of America

There is a piece of literature from American history 'The Declaration of Independence', where it foundationally states that when the Government ceases to recognize natural RIGHTS; "it is the DUTY of the People to alter and abolish it". Now, some will say well, that was just the Declaration of Independence. But, Judge Napolitano, one of the if not the most respected federal judge in the United States of America says "the Declaration of Independence, is the LAW of the United States of America".  This has also been affirmed by Federal and State judges throughout our history, making it an undeniably affirmed fact of law by our judiciary.

Not only did it give birth to the United States of America, but it was adopted by Congress, and if you go to the United States "code" you will find it there; "It is the LAW of the Land". "That when the Government ceases to recognize the GUARANTEED Natural RIGHTS of the People, it is the duty,...The DUTY of the People, to alter or to abolish it". And what's more, how do the American People "alter or abolish the Government" when the choices, come election time, are candidates who apparently serve the same interests? 

No, Alter or Abolish is and must be an ongoing process by the people (2 or more) of all government officials - individually.  In fact, actions to make individuals in government accountable for their actions by the people is the difference between America and all other countries.  That is what backs freedom and liberty and our rights.  Governments are notorious for oppressing their people.  Only in the United States of America do we, the people, have the power, right and duty to make our individuals in government accountable.  That is the hammer that makes government subservient and makes us free!

Let us go thru the facts and precedent that gives you, the people, the right to alter and/or abolish those in government office who take away your rights.

  1. Our foundation is Judeo-Christian and based on a sentence that gives the people the right to remove ie. “Alter or Abolish” those in office who are destructive of their rights


  2. The Founders pledged their lives , fortunes, and sacred honor to uphold that sentence as the foundation of Freedom and Liberty. Specifically the last third of the base declaration.



  3. We then fought a war to establish it as the law of the land. During that war we altered and abolished those individuals who were trying to destroy our rights, i.e. the British soldiers and leaders here, in America. We did not try to alter or abolish the British Government


  4. Since that time America has entered every war with that thought in mind, to fight to preserve freedom and liberty by altering and/or abolishing those persons who tried to destroy it.



  5. Our Constitution, the operational contract between the people and our government states that it is written to protect the rights of “We the people of the United States”. A statement that has no authority without the 3rd part of the statement in the Declaration.


  6. In addition, for 239 years, our leaders and officials have quoted that sentence enumerable times and called it the foundation of our Freedom and Liberty. ie. Lincoln Gettysburg address “that a nation of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”


Therefore , it is impossible for that same government to come against the people in any legal way for activating that primary organic law in this day and age to protect their freedom and liberty now.

So, this brings us to the reality of tactics. How do we the people accomplish this task without being stopped by government in their attempt to protect themselves from accountability.

  1. get the conversation going in the conservative media - no risk there – free speech already in use. Newspaper opinion columns, talk shows, political rallies, etc. force their agreement.

  2. Start Declaration groups and announce in the above what you will be adjudicating, reiterating your right to do so. Still free speech, no risk here.

  3. Adjudicate officials and inform the press, talk shows, and politicians that you are doing it and to whom - still free speech,   still no risk here

  4. Sentence officials and inform them and the press, shows, and of the sentence.- still free speech no way here to stop you

  5. When they refuse to leave office and abide by your sentence, make an open call to those who have taken a government oath to protect and defend the Constitution and obey lawful orders to take action on their oath.   Restate the lawfulness of your action, the individuals sentence, that they are now an enemy of the Constitution by lawful decree, and to do what is necessary to make them comply with the sentence they have been legally adjudicated with. – still in free speech here.

So, as we can see, there is no way the government officials can stop this action as it has all been done before without any action on their part ( Washington DC church), and has even been supported by law enforcement already ( 2 in Illinois citizens arrest of county commissioners with concurrence of county sheriff.

In actuality, the government has already set itself up for this action as legal and appropriate again and again, it would be impossible to backtrack now as the accountability actions affect them.

Suggestion – start local and small and work your way up, establishing precedent on the way.  Low and mid level state and federal beaurucrats would be a suggestion. Also ones that have been shown to be seditious, subversive, and operationally illegal, ie. Louis Lerner, those below her,   EPA , State rule makers, etc.

The Lefts takeover of the Legal branch and its propagandizing America to accept them as the only adjudication authority vs the PEOPLE.


6 point Process to get authorities tuned to citizen action to make officials accountable

Politicians first – get their commitment to the Declaration prime law and the Constitution purpose statement.

Then District Attorneys,   Sheriffs, Police Chiefs,   school boards,    then other officials

How to

1 Inform and get agreement

2. Letters to editors and group presentations

3. Make a list of offending positions and mail to the above officials – get them ready mentally for your action.

4. Form or generate multiple groups – multiples are very hard to stop and multiples generate acceptance ( example – government !).  

5. Contact offending officials and explain what will be done first. Explain what response from them will negate citizens actions.

6. Carry out adjudication, then inform all parties of the result and the sentence.  Announce enemy of the Constitution action and explain.

Areas of illegality, abortion, taxes, EPA regs, confiscation of property. Immigration, anti Christian rulings ( homosexual rights rulings) target rich environment.