Critic:  "Holding government officials accountable for wrong action is the responsibility of the courts."

Answer:   The founders did not trust government to do that, Government cannot fix itself as we have seen. The Declaration is clear in it's foundational statement that Government is to be held accountable by the PEOPLE and the penalty for rights infringement is alteration or abolishment.

Critic:   "That primary statement in the Declaration only applies to changing entire governments, not to making individuals accountable."

Answer:  " Although  we have held entire government accountable in the past, we have also held individuals accountable in war and peace.  The supreme court has made it clear that citizens can, in fact, hold government officials accountable.  This is nothing new for us."

Critic  " Well, you cannot just go around condemning government officials, that is the courts job, citizens do not have the right and, if they did, chaos would ensue."

Answer: That is exactly what we can do as that is exactly what the Declaration says we can do.  Our founders were very wise. They understood there would come a time when all government would become despotic.   That is why they clearly gave the people  the right to protect their liberty and freedom in this way, otherwise the statement of inalienable rights mean nothing if  it cannot be enforce by the PEOPLE against government.  If we do not do our duty here governments have proven throughout history their unchecked power destroys all civilization."

Critic:   The Constitution supersedes the Declaration of Independence."

Answer:   Quite the opposite.  The Constitution comes out of the Declaration.  It is simply the Federal Governments rules of behavior which conforms in some detail but not all with the foundational statement of the Declaration.  The Constitution means nothing and makes no sense without referring back to the foundational statement that lays out individual rights and gives the PEOPLE the right and duty to enforce those rights."  In addition, the writings of the founders which all the judiciary refur to for guidance makes it clear the Declaration foundational statement is the First Law of the Land." It is like a corporation foundational document, The Articles of Incorporation vs. the Bylaws.   The Bylaws are there, like the Constitution, to enforce the Articles of Incorporation, our Declaration.   Same thing.

Critic:   Attorney's Generals and Courts ignore Citizen accusations' against government officials for rights violations and even when they do not, the government officials never are disciplined realistically..  There is no real way to enforce a Citizens Council judgment.".

Answer:  SCOTUS have affirmed multiple times that Grand Juries are a force outside of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. As recent as 2013 and again back in 1991 and before, they have made it clear that no Attorney and no Judge has authority to interfear with a Grand Jury and that Citizens have a right to organize one..  That gives a Citizens Grand Jury top to bottom authority free of Government intervention to adjudicate, sentence and carry out sentences in any way they see fit, PERIOD!."

Critic:   If you try this the government will come after you."  

Answer:  If they do they will be admitting that the basis of freedom and liberty means nothing in this county and that will be made known. In addition, those who try will be operating outside of the law and can and almost certainly will be adjudicated by the Citizens Grand Jury for Jury influencing and tampering and treated as that requires."

Critic: " What are you saying here? who do you think you are with this?"

Answer:   I am saying nothing.  We are just repeating what founded this Country that Thomas Jefferson said with Benjamin Franklin and John Adams,  That the 56 Founders of the United States signed and pledged "Their lives, thier fortunes and their sacred honor" on and the Revolution was fought about and all wars and American experience and vision since has stood upon time and again.  Our greatest and brightest have said it, validated it, and honored this right of the  PEOPLE., as have  virtually all government officials.  Where does anyone get off saying it is not basic to our rights??" Who are we?  We are THE PEOPLE this sentence and protection from Tyranny was written about and for!!"


Notes for radio show of 7/22/16


Talk about the GOP convention and Trumps speech and promises. Let us assume for this discussion that He is elected, installs smart and capable people in his administration, Then What –

Government employees controled

Can he do all of that by his own power and ability – We would like to think so, but probably not. Why??

Because of the entrenched liberal, socialist, Marxism in government. One thing to work to build , another to destroy they plan for     They will block any action . Courts – action not blocked will be tied up in liberal courts.   Lawsuits by liberal organizations.   Change of this type in hard to impossible.  

The boot of the liberal Marxist bureauacracy is on our necks.   The anger for that made Trump the nominee over all the politicians, all of them.   If He wins, our assertion of peoples right to prosecute

However, we can help - citizens grand jury and active prosecutions in the authority of the Declaration.

Discuss. – theme of the week was power back to the people – discuss

Declaration, Constitution, SCOTUS affirmed the way to activate it - way we have discussed

Repeat Declaration - affirmed as primary law, formed the nation, activated by individual adjudication in the past. Descuss. – 1st part – God, 2nd part prime examples, 3rd part – responsible party, 4th part – penalty for government malfeasance.   Prime law of U S, Affirmed as such

How and who - bureaucrats, government departments - Outside subversive organizations –

Dealing with some shows others they are vulnerable if they persist. The bureaucracy cannot protect them

Example of founding state governments after our successful revolution - Officials banished to England

Secular nation.

Recognition of God as the author of our rights.     Discuss the subversion of that for that reason.

     Repeat 1st part of the Declaration




If you cannot protect and enforce your rights, even though they are stated, do you really have them?  If Government become destructive of your rights they are required by law to protect, what can you do?   Voting only affects 1% of government officials. What about the other 99% if they become seditious, subversive, treasonous, or just plain corrupt when government cannot or will not hold them accountable.  We, the People, have a right and duty to have government officials  follow the law and stay strictly within the bounds of our founding documents – the rules we all must play by it is affirmed every day.  Civilized society requires it but how do we enforce it?  The new administration has said that they are “giving  the power back to the people!”  Well, how do we exercise that power and, if we cannot, is not that statement a cruel joke?. 

   Our Founders  submit we, the People, have always had the power from the foundation of the United States, to hold government officials personally accountable.  Not enforced by the government, but enforced by we “the people”.  Our right and duty is spelled out clearly in the Declaration of Independence, enshrined forever in U S Law, Section 1 under “Organic Laws of the United States” right next to the Constitution, and the Northwest Ordinance.   I Quote “We hold these truths self evident…that if government becomes destructive of these ends ( our rights) , IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER OR ABOLISH..AND REPLACE”

   That’s right.  You and I have been given the personal right as the people of the United States of alteration and or abolishment of any government official (we have always made law personal, no discussion there.) being or heading to be destructive of our rights.  Not through government mind you, but directly, no questions asked, by we the People, period, end of discussion!!\  Sorry government officials, you have stated and  been supportive of this for 240 years.  You cannot say we do not have this right now that your realize your personal rears may be on the line.  By the way, “ Organic Laws” foundational laws that cannot be legally ignored, cannot be eliminated, cannot be talked away, and cannot be changed (except by Constitutional Amendment process for the Constitution only).  They, in other words, are foundationally basic  to a society’s veryexistence. 

  Those judges who unlawfully injected themselves and their wishes and ruled out the Presidents lawful immigration order are a case in point.   They have violated their oath to the Constitution, have de-judged themselves (fired themselves for cause) and are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy in time of War !!.  Any citizen or group of citizens, exercising their lawful duty and right under the Declaration, have the open right to alter and / or abolish them.  That’s the law !! All 5 of them ( Washington, Virginia, 3 Judge panel of the 9th circuit - Federal) This process is completely and legally outside of government influence and control by the way, and any government official that tries to interfere or inject  themselves are, in fact, breaking the law. So says the Constitution, articles 9 and 10 and as supported by the U S Supreme Court multiple times throughout our history. If you would like to know more of the mechanics you have a legal right to exercise in this matter, you may find it at the Center for Government Accountability website at  It is past time to make school,  bureaucracy,  judicial officials , and many, many more, accountable to the people for what they do and have done. I do not say these things, by the way, our Founders did, and paid for their words with their lives, as have millions of Americans for 240 years!!. 


  1. That all men are created equal and endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights

 2.   That among these rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

 3.   That to secure these rights, government are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from   THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED…

 4.  That if Government becomes destructive of these ends, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER OR ABOLISH…..”

That, my friends, is the foundational, undeniable, unalterable, prime law of the United States of America, to which all other law is supportive and expands upon – but does not, in any way, negate or alter.  It is our right. and  therefore our duty  to exercise, in order to have the Liberty we were given and the Freedom of our birthright to enjoy !!  -

A Simple Case for Religious Liberty

For all their differences, [a] splendid range of people from every corner of every culture across thousands of years [Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Muslims, etc.] would agree that much hangs on exploring religious questions and living by the answers. Even those who end up atheists or agnostic are compelled to search by a sense of the value of achieving harmony with whatever ultimate source of meaning there might be.

As a basic human good, religion consists of efforts to align your life with the truth about whatever transcendent source (or sources) of being, meaning, and value there might be. It’s about efforts to honor or find harmony with that source — call it the “divine.” Relationship with the divine, like human friendship, must be freely chosen to be authentic. To coerce is to produce a counterfeit. So respect for your basic interest in religion demands respect for your freedom in pursuing it. For this basic good, religious liberty is a precondition.

And hence the state, which exists to protect the ability of people to pursue all the basic goods, must never directly attack this freedom. It must never require or forbid an act on religious grounds — for example, on the ground that its religious rationale is true or false, or that the associated religious community should shrink or grow. But the same basic good also requires the state to avoid needless incidental limits on religious freedom. These arise where your faith calls for you to shape your whole life by the divinity’s demands: in preaching and conversion, pilgrimage and prayer, building and worship, ritual and ascetical struggle, charitable work and Sabbath rest. All of these might conflict with legitimate laws. The state can’t avoid a conflict every time. It has to protect the wide range of basic goods for all of society, even at the expense of some instances of them, religion included. But because religion, like moral integrity, is itself one of the basic goods to be protected, the state should avoid imposition on wherever reasonably possible.



Sean McDowell, Ph.D. is a professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, best-selling author, popular speaker, part-time high school teacher, and the Resident Scholar for Summit Ministries, California. Follow him on Twitter: @sean_mcdowell and his blog:

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