1. STUDY THIS MATERIAL THOROUGHLY- You need to know what you can do and what your right of action and options are up front. You need to know how to counter nay sayers who question the authority and process.

Get this information deep down inside you where it cannot be countered by nay-sayers and "officials" in or out of authority. Be so grounded you cannot be swayed.-period!

2. SPREAD THE WORD! - Write letters to papers, get on the political talk programs, discuss this with your circle of influence, Debate, inform, discuss.  LIFT YOUR FINGER - CALL TALK SHOWS, LIFT YOUR HAND AT POLITICIANS AND GET THEM TO ADMIT TO SUPPORT THE FOUNDING LAW, LIFT YOUR HAND AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS AND CHALLANGE WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT !!! This will teach you discussion and debating skills while solidifying your grasp of the discussion and action. He who establishes the discussion wins !!Confront elected and appointed officials. Them them on your side if you can. Many would like to see action and know they are, in reality, powerless. Convince and persuade and dominate Put a symbol that supports our cause on you home and vehicles. The Bennington flag is our symbol. It is a 13 star U S flag with the numerals "76" prominently in the middle of the blue field. This signifies that reliance on the rights we received in 1776 at the founding. It is perfect for our cause. Next, a flag holder for your home or vehicle can be purchased locally or on the web. Auto/Truck flag holders are numerous. To be truly noticed a 3'X5' flag on your vehicles is recommended. One site you can purchase them is which has a variety of very good holders for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and Bennington flags.


. GET OFFICIAL - Form groups and clubs focused on making government accountable. Get signed support from politicians and people of influence. Lets, face it, they cannot afford to deny official recognition to the prime law of the land or groups supporting it. Make them publicly admit their support. File Redress of Grievances under your 1st Amendment rightwith perpetrators, appropriate AGs, and legal  information outlets.. Form a "Citizens Grand Jury" citing the support of he U S Courts and Supreme Court for the independence of Grand Juries. Make yourselves unassailable up front! 4. GO AFTER THE OFFENDERS - In war, always go after soft targets first. In our endeavor, that could mean local or state officials who have made particularly bad violations that have been well publicized and widely seen as wrong. Lower officialdom has less support to resist you. You also have local support because of their violations affecting local people. After several of these your credibility and legal status will be established. Then you can move up the food chain after bigger fish without as much resistance. Be cunning and smart. Eat small first and take bigger bites later when you are stronger! 5. ADJUDICATE - As a separate branch of action from government, you set your own rules. Form and substance are at your discursion, but watch what you say and how you do your adjudicating. Use words and policies that are close enough to be looked on as within your right but not so much the government can make controlling your efforts a factor. Remember, your authority supersedes theirs. There is no authority preventing you and your group from adjudicating multiple rights offenders, groups or programs at one time. Do many at once. Coordinate with other Grand Juries to go after the same so as to confuse any resistance to your group. It formed the framework for theirs. They do not over ride the forming law. Stand by your guns and keep moving forward !! 6. PUBLISH YOUR FINDINGS - Buy space in the local and state papers if you must. Be specific as to the rights violated and who violated them. Start by stating your authority under the Declaration, that you are a legal court under the 5th Amendment to the Constitution or, if making citizens arrests, your authority there. If the target is a rights destroying government program, publish the specifics of the program that infringes on individual rights. A good format whish has been used for decades if not centuries is the "whereas/therefor declaratory declaration. Look some up to get up to speed on this method of declaring your findings and declaring your decisions. Be open and above board. You will be very hard to stop that way !!

7. PUBLISH YOUR ADJUDICATED SENTENCE - It cannot be stressed enough that we have to make them accountable for their actions! Sentence them. That is what courts do! Courts do not carry out sentences, others do that, but they do sentence offenders to a "payment for crimes". This is no different. Also, inform the offending person, group, or head of program of your findings and sentence. Send a copy to the appropriate Attorney's General and give them instruction to carry out your sentencing, with a time frame specific to act. They won't, but that is for effect and later credibility use anyway.8. MAKE AN OPEN CALL - This is where it gets interesting. Up to now you have simply exercised your free speech and right of assembly. Everything you have done is perfectly legal and supported by our foundational laws and methods of action. Nothing to bother you about there. However, the powers that be that you are adjudicating will initially believe that there is no way for you to enforce any of your actions and you will be ignored. Now, however, sentence must be carried out. They figure, since they control that in government, you are powerless. Not so. There are millions of citizens who would be willing to carry the ball now when they are given a chance by your legal authority. As an example, retired military people may be out of the service, but they will admit they are still bound to their oath, which states " I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC". This is not an optional oath and all agree, must be obeyed regardless of cost or danger! There are 3.5 million vets out there, many looking for a way to save their country. Since the Citizens Grand Jury is in the 5th Amendment to that Constitution, that makes your offender fall under that oath. Announce that fact in the open and let what happens - happen. This presents a clear break between you and your CGJ - and enforcement. "Not your monkey, not your circus", as my daughter would say to negate any involvement or responsibility. The offender, on the other hand, cannot know how or who will be coming for them, so to speak. That is a heavy burden to bear. Not knowing when or where or what will be the final arbitration against them would drive most people mad, or to quit. Problem solved without your group doing a thing!! 9. WHEN IT IS DONE, ANNOUNCE IT! - When all is accomplished, make sure the world knows it happened. This will give others the confidence to get involved and, just as important if not more so, put officials on notice that they are accountable and there is nothing they can do to avoid that accountability. A caution here - do not be bragadocious or prideful in this. That will give the nay-sayers an emotional edge. Announce it as a legal fact but make sure you also state that officials are now being held to account, in reality, who have not been before. This will add to your credibility and will be very hard to counter by those who want their lawlessness to continue. Do not be surprised, however, if they try to demonize you. That is standard when the facts cannot be denied. Just stick to your guns, your right as citizens to protect your God given rights, and your legal position under the 5th Amendment to the Constitution. Make them deny your rights, the Declaration, and the Constitution's authority. They will bury themselves and they know it !! 10. DO IT AGAIN !!!!!! AND AGAIN!!!!! AND AGAIN !!!!!!  This  will have another effect, that is it will make the officials know they cannot hide from accountability any longer and thus change their behavior to follow the law.  METHOD 2 -" INFORM THEM WHAT IS AND MAY HAPPEN TO THEM. For those who do not wish to actually form a group or Citizens Common Law Grand Jury or fear reprisal if they adjudicate government officials, there is a way you can operated the process outside of actually taking that action.   Citizens have a right and duty to inform officials of threats against them.  This is only being a good citizen.  Here is what you do. 1.  Contact the official and make it clear you are just trying to make them aware of a movement to remove officials for cause  by           various and multiple secret groups of people. 2.  Explain to them that because of their actions, you believe that legally established groups of citizens have been established to remove them from office.  Explain how this is legally and traditionally accomplished and  you believe they are in d


3.  Reiterate that you are not in any way threatening them,  You are simply informing them of what you believe is in process and you are trying to keep them from the harm and inform them of that this process, if taken to it's conclusion, could do to them and thier family.

4.  However, explain that if they _______ (fill in the blank) you have heard that these groups may forgo the proecess.  Explain that, if they do not make themselves right by _____________, You have listened and herd that they can adjudicate, convict, and sentence you and your family or notify those who have taken an oath to protect the Constitution from domestic enemies that you Mr. Official, will be labeled a domestic enemy of the Constitution, open to Alteration and Abolishment and fulfilling that oath on you and your family.  Explain to them, as a good citizen would, what could happen to them and their families should this process become open knowledge.  You are not part of it, You are just trying to help them ( the official) avoid this destruction..   5.  If necessary, let them know that you will make your letter open to the press and public  if necessary in order to protect the harm to the govenment if they do not resign and _____________ (you fill in the blank).   IN OTHER WORDS, COME AS A HELP, NOT A THREAT.  THAT MAKES YOU INTOUCHABLE !!